Thread: how to link to internal functions in a library

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    how to link to internal functions in a library

    I am using an open source library, there are quite a few interesting functions prototypes defined this way in a non-interface header file:

    #define somefunction _somefunction
    void somefunction(int a);

    I write my routine which calls somefunction(). After include the non-interface header, my routine can compile, but failed to link to the library. So I linked to the *.o files directly. It works, but the solution is ugly.

    So the questions is how to reuse the internal functions from a library. Any suggestion?

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    You're not meant to use internal functions from some other library.

    If you really want to export the function from the library, then you need to remove this line
    #define somefunction _somefunction

    Which is OK, if you're never going to push any changes to that library, or make your own source code available for others.

    But if you do want to publish anything, you need another approach (or a good explanation for the library maintainers).
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