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    Filesystem question


    I started to read some documentations and tutorials about file system implementations, and there is something I don`t understand. How superblock, inode table, bitmaps etc are read from the disk drive within the filesystem. I`ve downloaded an older version of the linux kernel, and looked at some simpler filesystems like fat or ext2. I saw the inode and superblock structure declarations, operations executed on them, but didn`t find actual function calls to the disk driver. I thought maybe the driver loads these informations into memory but to be honest this doesn`t seem likely to me.

    I know filesystem implementation is a sophisticated theory and it isn`t something you can learn in one day, but can somebody explain to me in a few words how is this done? If you know any good books, or tutorials on the matter, that`s good too. What I found on google where only tutorials about how to implement virtual file systems for school projects.

    Thank you.

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