Thread: XML parsing without using a parser

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    XML parsing without using a parser


    i have some UML models given in the form of XMI files and i need to load these model in to memory to do some manipulations. so for this im planning on using C , without using a 3rd party parser.
    i would be grateful to you all if you can give me some pointers that can be helpful to achieve this task.

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    Go onto my website and download the vanilla xml parser.
    It's not a complete parser, hence the "vanilla", but it will almost certainly do what you want.
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    If you do want to write your own, it isn't too complicated. Look up "recursive descent parser" and it should give you some ideas for a simple way to structure your algorithm. You should also be familiar with all the C functions for processing strings like strtok, etc.

    edit: What iMalc says below is true. Writing an XML parser can be a good learning exercise, but if this is for real work, the benefits of using a proven xml parser far outweigh any drawbacks.

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    Every time some project at work has been done without a proper XML parser, or any time the third party component didn't use a proper XML parser, it has gone badly wrong. I stongly urge you to not even think of going there.
    I'm sorry but all you'll get out of me on this endevaour will be an "I told you so".
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