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    The only difference is that your religion, effectively, is that others have limited minds if they have preferences at odds with your own.
    I think Nominal's point is that there are times where C or C++ are better situated for a project, and he also is saying that you probably could do a great many projects in either C or C++ equally well. So his "religion" seems to me to be saying that "no one religion" has all the right answers and only right answers, when the religion is programming.

    For Brewbuck to say C is worthless seems a bit limited in perspective, I think that's all Nominal was really trying to get across in a very strong manner (since he loves C no doubt). But that's all his "religion" was trying to say, I think. Forgive me if I'm wrong.

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    Which is it gratiafide? Is Nominal saying there are no right answers, or is he religiously defending C.

    In my book, it doesn't matter. Regardless of the technical merits, or otherwise, of Nominal's post, he crossed the line of belittling someone who expressed a viewpoint he disagreed with.
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