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    Hey.. How can i make this work... i want to make a command to an emech... !timer nick \ !timer stop

    void do_timer(char *from, char *to, char *rest, int cmdlevel)
    char        *chan;
    chan = get_channel(to,&rest);
    if (get_userlevel(from,chan) < cmdlevel)
    if(!rest) { sendprivmsg(chan,"use like : timer <nick>"); return; }
    if(strstr(rest,"stop")!=NULL) {
    sendprivmsg(chan,"Timer stopped");
    to_server("/timers off");
    FILE *timers;
    char cur[1024];
    sprintf(cur,"/timer 0 4 /nick %s",rest);
    sendprivmsg(chan,"Timer started for nick %s",rest);     
    something like this.. ? please

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    Since you haven't posted a complete, compilable program, it would be helpful if you told us what isn't working. Are you getting errors or warnings when compiling it? Do you see unexpected behaviour when running it? Please share details.

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    well...this is the function... it doesen't work .. i mean it doesen't do on irc command /timer 0 3 /nick <nick> on ./mech -d after i do !timer off... it says unknown command... i don't know how to write the lines..

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    For background, here is siko's previous thread on roughly the same topic: function.c:1085:12: error: lvalue required as left operand of assignment.

    Nobody here is very interested in helping you resurrect and fix a broken old IRC bot, or writing your code for you, especially when you do such a poor job of describing the problem, and post horribly formatted code that nobody wants to look at. We need details. Compiler messages, more code (properly indented!!!), to help us understand what the problem might be. The problem might lie in the code that calls do_timer. But don't expect much until you're willing to provide enough information for us to actually help you.

    Oh, and what is wrong with Salem's suggestion of picking a newer, actively developed and supported, IRC bot? Why do you insist on using this version that is nearly a decade old? Even the newest version is over 3 years old. A different bot is probably best.

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