Thread: RSA generate key in C

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    RSA generate key in C

    Hi all, as I need to generate RSA key by modulus and exponent. I have used the OPENSSL before, is it any other choice to do these operation? (NOT OPENSSL)

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    It sounds like you want to implement the RSA key generation yourself. In that case, look up information about the algorithm and try to implement it.

    If you don't want to implement it yourself then you have no choice but to use a library, there are also alternatives to OpenSSL if you do some searching for them.

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    There could be actually many possibilities, particularly as it was said, if you decide to implement your own key generator. As an example (among many other possibilities) you can use Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS). Another solution could be python, it seems that there are libraries available for python. Are you looking for something strictly based on C/C++

    What's the problem you encountered with OpenSSL? it is one of the most ferequently used tools in this domain;


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    If you want to implement it yourself (which, by the way, is something that cryptography experts will often warn you against doing), it's a very simple algorithm that is well-documented online. You can use the GMP library to work with large prime numbers - I've done this before and it's very simple.

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