Thread: check if a file is already open

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    check if a file is already open

    I'm trying to write a recursive function to read some data from a file that -should- be preformated etc..

    well the function call only takes a file name, so I'm opening the file within the function as well.

    Is there a way, when i call the function from within the function, to do a check that I already opened the file and skip opening it again?

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    The easiest and cleanest way would be something like a wrapper function to open the file.
    void wrapper ( char *filename ) {
      FILE *fp = fopen(filename,"r");
    This is fugly
    void recursive ( char *filename ) {
      static FILE *fp = NULL;
      if ( !fp ) {
        fp = fopen(filename,"r");
        // read from static fp
        fp = NULL;
      } else {
        // read from static fp
    Finding out whether the file is open would involve expensive OS calls (and be very non-portable).
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