Thread: Bitwise Operations Help Please!

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    Bitwise Operations Help Please!

    Currently my sort is not working properly because of some logic flaw in my bitwise operations.
          mask = val&(0xff);
          printf("index=%i val=%i mask=%i views[i]=%i\n",index,val,mask,views[i]);
    Here is 1 section of the output I am confused with.
    index=1 val=0 mask=0 views[i]=5
    index=1 val=513 mask=1 views[i]=131341
    index=1 val=0 mask=0 views[i]=33
    index=1 val=0 mask=0 views[i]=55
    index=1 val=1562 mask=26 views[i]=400000
    index=1 val=1684 mask=148 views[i]=431341
    index=1 val=1218 mask=194 views[i]=312050
    Why is it that ANDing 1218 with 0xff gives a higher number than ANDing 1684 with 0xff and 1562 with 0xff??
    I don't understand this part and this is probably what is messing up my sort. Any suggestions, comments, or ideas?

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    EDIT: I actually found the error and it was in another part of my code. Is there a way to delete a thread?

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    Threads just get abandoned when the answer is found, or everybody gets fed up of posting to it.
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