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    I moved the external variables into main, but am stuck now on how to get my analyze_hand function to call correctly. Any input is appreciated.

    nevermind. thank you
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    // function prototype
    void analyze_hand(int[],int[]);
    // function call
    analyze_hand(num_in_rank,num_in_suit,&straight, &flush, &four, &three, &pairs);
    // function definition
    void analyze_hand(int num_in_rank[], int num_in_suit[],*straight, *flush, *four, *three,*pairs)
    The prototype doesn't match the implementation. If there are other issues, please explain them clearly so we know where to look.

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    In C++ (not in C) you have an option to not set some arguments at the time function call provided that you declared default parameters.

    7.7 — Default parameters Learn C++

    In your case, you have more parameters than you declared. So, your function decleration and call does not match. You must have compiler errors for the case

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    Please don't delete your code from the original post. Otherwise, other people won't be able to learn from the problems you faced.

    I am here offering my time and abilities for no compensation, other than to help other people [such as yourself] improve their skills. By selfishly deleting your question, you've ensured that I was only able to help you with this question, not anyone else. That is rude, and makes people wary about offering you help in the future.

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