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    Help in c programming

    can you please help in this c programming?
    i am suppose to print the books using string, but wud have to use array, i tried it but its not working, and also for each of the books , an address shud be printed, i tried that using a pointer but is only printing one general address, wud writing the books as string be a form of structure?. here is ma source code
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    int discount (int x);
    int tax (int y);
    main ()
        int code[10];
       int i,after_discount;
       float after_tax;
       int total;
       int cost=500;
       float date;
       printf("Enter the date the books were purchased mm.yyyy\t");
       for (i=0;i<10;i++){
           printf ("Enter the book code:\t ");
          scanf ("%d", &code[i]);
       total = 500.00 * 10;
       after_discount = total - discount (cost);
       after_tax = after_discount + tax (total);
     printf ("**************************Triple S&T Bookstore****************************\n");
      printf( "%10s%45s\n", "***BOOKS***", "***CODES***" );
       printf ("A Painted House\t %35d\n", code [0]);
       printf ("The Firm\t %35d\n", code [1]);
       printf ("The Testament\t %35d\n", code [2]);
       printf ("Pelican Brief\t %35d\n", code [3]);
       printf ("Runaway Jury\t %35d\n", code [4]);
       printf ("Rain Maker\t %35d\n", code [5]);
       printf ("Street Lawyer\t %35d\n", code [6]);
       printf ("A Time to Kill\t %35d\n", code [7]);
       printf ("The Confession\t %35d\n", code [8]);
       printf ("Bleachers\t %35d\n", code [9]);
      printf ("*************************************************************************\n");
       printf ("Discount is:$ %d\n", discount(cost));
       printf ("After discount:$ %d\n",  after_discount);
       printf ("Tax is :$ %d\n", tax (total));
       printf ("Total Amount to be paid:$ %.2f", after_tax);
    getch ();
    return 0;
    int discount ( int x)
       int four_books,discount;
        four_books = x * 4;
        discount = 0.10*four_books;
        return discount;
    int tax (int y)
       int tax;
           tax = 0.05 *y;
          return tax;

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    you are posting in the wrong forum - and please dont write in baby language - wud cud shud ma etc
    i am sorry but your code is a bit messy- write small experimental 'test' programs that do what you expect to try out the features you need to use
    use int main()
    dont use turbo c compiler or its outdated headers
    INITIALISE variables

    And consider - if your program has values that are never meant to change then show that - use define statements and CAPITAL letters for the name of that data - its a message to you (and other programmers) that the names in CAPS are constant values like your tax rate - which by the way cannot be an int - though i would like my tax to be calculated like that - 0% or -1% is what i would like to pay for sure
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