Thread: bytes allocation question

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    bytes allocation question

    Im not sure how to do this, it is in the following link:

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    Aw, that's a shame; Good luck though.
    I hope you find some good reference material on the net about "structure member alignment in C", perhaps using your favourite search engine.

    Also, even for this, you still have to show your attempt first, before we can help you.
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    There are references made to 'figure 3.1 of your text' and 'alignment rules discussed in lecture'. So you have more information than we do. Especially when it comes to specific size of 'int' which may vary from one machine to another. I would assume that 'double' is 8 bytes, 'short' is 2 bytes. Then just fill in the template with the element names 'c', 'o', 'i', 'd', 's' for the number of bytes they occupy, plus the padding to satisfy alignment rules learned in class.

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