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    Please debug this!!!

    int CompareIntegerDefault(void *data1, void *data2)
    	if(*(int *)data1>*(int *)data2)
    		return (1);
    	else if(*(int *)data1==*(int *)data2)
    		return (0);
    		return (-1);
    typedef struct AVLTreeNode
        void *data ;
        int balfact ;
    	struct AVLTreeNode *left ;
        struct AVLTreeNode *right ;
    } AVLTreeNode,*AVLTreeNodePtr;
    typedef struct ContainerHandle
    	struct AVLTreeNode *AVLRoot;
    	//int h;
    int h;
    void buildtree (AVLTreeNodePtr *root, void *data  )
        struct AVLTreeNode *node1, *node2 ;
        if ( !root )
            (*root) = ( struct AVLTreeNode * ) malloc ( sizeof ( struct AVLTreeNode ) ) ;
            (*root) -> data = data ;
            (*root) -> left = NULL ;
            (*root) -> right = NULL ;
            (*root) -> balfact = 0 ;
            return ;
    ContainerHandlePtr_t List;
    int main()
    	int a;
    	buildtree ( &(List->AVLRoot),&a);	
    	printf("%d",*(int *)(List->AVLRoot->data));
    	return 0;
    This doesnt printf the expected result-5.

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    Why didn't you bother to run the code in the debugger?
    If you ever hope to write anything more complicated than "hello world", you're going to get stuck when your code doesn't work as expected, and you can't keep running to every forum you can find to dump your code and ask others to debug it for you.

    (gdb) run
    The program being debugged has been started already.
    Start it from the beginning? (y or n) y
    Starting program: /home/user/a.exe
    [New Thread 864.0xe60]
    [New Thread 864.0x7f8]
    Breakpoint 1, main () at foo.c:59
    59              buildtree ( &(List->AVLRoot),&a);
    (gdb) s
    buildtree (root=0x20038a40, data=0x22ac64) at foo.c:36
    36          if ( !root )
    (gdb) print root
    $3 = (AVLTreeNodePtr *) 0x20038a40
    (gdb) s
    47      }
    root isn't NULL, so !root is false, and your function just exits.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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