Thread: My addition program doesn't work correctly.

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    My addition program doesn't work correctly.

     int main()
       int total_value=0;
       char mynum;
       printf("Line: ");
      } while(mynum!='.');
       printf("Total values are: %d,mynum);
    Basically i want the user to enter a word/sentence and from there i will store all the character they enter until they enter a period. If they enter ABC followed by a period. Then i add up all the values (ASCII) including the period.

    As of right now, my program only works if the user enters a period, as it'll jump straight to the printf function outside of the loop. And print out "46"

    Whats wrong?
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    > mynum+=total_value;
    Does this update total_value?

    > printf("Total values are: %d,mynum);
    Does this print total_value?
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