Thread: How to exit out of a while loop? (short code)

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    How to exit out of a while loop? (short code)

     #include <stdio.h>
       int main()
       int total_value=0;
       printf("Line: "); // user enters a word/sentence
       char mynum;
      while(mynum!='.') // while the entry isn't '(period)'
      printf("Total values are %d",mynum);
      return 0;
    How would i break out of this while loop?
    Begins if i enter something other than (period), it keeps re-prompting me over and over again.
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    You need to call scanf in the loop too. Oh, and please indent your code properly.
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    total_value is zero, so line 13 currently has no effect. Since nothing changes the while loop condition, you then have an infinite loop.
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