Thread: Quick question (if statements)

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    Quick question (if statements)

    Let's say I have a text file

    (1st line) 234,120,4521,93

    (2nd line) 1, -100

    (3rd line) 4, -40

    (4th line)1, -49

     FILE *fp=fopen(argv[1],"r");              
     fscanf(fp,"%d%d%d%d",&piels,&coors,&bud,&iron_city); // This is the first line of the text file (234,120,4521,93)         
         if(brand_id==1)               // This is the second line (1, -100) where brand_id=1 and transaction=-100               
      // add -100+-49        
    And i want to add the values of -100 and -40 when conditions are met. How would i do that?

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    What exactly is the format of the file? Or are you saying that the file will only contain those 4 lines (but with different values)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmac619619 View Post
    And i want to add the values of -100 and -40 when conditions are met. How would i do that?
    In the comment of yours you say -49 but know -40.Let's say that -49 is what you want.
    You open the file as you do,then from this line
    transaction gets the value -100,so then if you write
    [code]transaction += -49;[code] this will do the operation you want.
    My guess is that your actual question is how to write data back to file.If my guess is correct ,then follow this procedure (after you are done with reading what you want from the file and from modifying the values you want e.g. transaction)
    • close the file with fclose
    • open the same file with fopen and second parameter "w" .This was you are going to overwrite what you already have inside the file
    • use frpintf for example to write back to file
    • close again the file with fclose

    Hope this helps

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