Thread: Project Help Concerning Scanning in data

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    Project Help Concerning Scanning in data

    Hi. I am currently trying to complete a programming project for my C Prog Class, and I am having trouble with acquiring the data in a given txt file and then setting aside parts of the data as variables for later usage. However, I am unable to describe such issues, so if anyone could help I can send you the project parameters, the .txt file I use for input and the sample of the result (though that might not be so necessary).

    I am currently having issues getting this project started, and I only request help on scanning in the information.

    If anyone can help me, please e-mail me at <<<snipped>>>. I can then reply to you with the listed information, and hopefully I can get on my way to actually completing this project.
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    The best place for you to start is probably C File I/O Tutorial -
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    Why don't you post/attach your data file,
    - or a section of it containing the interesting data,
    - or a representation of it where real names (Barak Obama) are replaced by fictitious (Fred Flintstone)

    Then describe what it is that you want to do.
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