Thread: Fscanf (very short code)

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    Fscanf (very short code)

    int n;
    double j;
     FILE *fp= fopen(argv[1],"r");
           printf("There are %d numbers", n);
    So basically im extracting data from a text file.
    This is the text file:
    (1st line) 5
    (2nd line) 4.34 23.4 18.92 -78.3 17.9.

    When i attempt to print the n amount of numbers, somehow the program prints the doubles instead. Whats wrong?

    It has something to do with my program attempting to read the 2nd line as ints..
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    Im not quite sure, but I think the first number in your file represents the number of arguments. Someone correct me if im wrong please.

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    Can you reduce your problem to a small program (10-20 lines) and post that?

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