Thread: character array - sentinel value

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    character array - sentinel value

    I'm fairly new to C programing and I've been working on developing a program that will allow the user to input in some word and output the word backwards. For example:

    New York

    korY weN

    I'm having no trouble doing this, but I want the program to run on a loop and exit when the word "stop" is entered. Any suggestions?


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    Welcome to the forum, avolkmar!

    String comparisons in C are done with the strcmp(string1, string2) function. Include the header file <string.h> to use it. The return from strcmp() works like this:

    Value > 0 = strcmp(string1, string2) (string1 > string2)
    Value < 0 = strcmp(string1, string2) (string1 < string2)
    Value of 0 = strcmp(string1, string2) (string1 ==s tring2)

    Just remember that the value returned will refer to string1, When string1 is greater, the value returned will be > 0, etc.
    if(strcmp(string1,"stop")== 0) {
       break;   //break out of the current loop

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    Just tried it and it works great! Thanks for the help!

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