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    UBound in c

    Is there any way of writing VB ubound(returns the index of the last element in the array) to c
    instead of using sizeof operator
    int arr[20];
    printf("%d",sizeof array/sizeof(int));
    how to write using queue?

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    As in you're implementing a queue? Then keep track of the start and end of the queue, or use a linked list where you track the tail.
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    You really should consider spending less time trying to convert some VB code and more time learning the C language.

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    Assuming you're working with an array, the technique sizeof(array)/sizeof(*array) is the usual technique.

    If you're working with a pointer rather than an array (and that includes passing an array to a function) there is no way in C. When an array name is converted to a pointer, that pointer is associated with no information about the size of the original array. There is therefore no way to extract such information.

    As laserlight suggested, if you're implementing a queue, then your implementation of the queue needs to do bookkeeping to keep track of the required length.
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