Thread: need help calling a function, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matticus View Post
    Thanks anduril!

    @rosemary, if you're really interested in learning and not just getting a good grade somewhere, I'd recommend you play around with some small, simple programs using functions to get the hang of it. The code I provided in post #4 is a fully working program (though with no output). That might help you see how all the details of a function works. Then mix up the code a bit, seeing if you can make another function that does multiplication of two numbers, etc. Writing several small, simple programs exercising concepts you're learning will give you a great understanding of those concepts. Then you can scale up the programs to deal with more [relatively] complicated functions as you're doing now.
    Matticus thanks for linking me to here man...I know a lot more about functions now...I can easily make one! thx bro(or sis!)

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    I'm getting a better understanding. This is one way of doing it-
    #include <stdio.h>
    	int pennies=0, nickels=0, dimes=0, quarters=0, p,n,d,q;
    	float x=0;
    int insert(int p, int n, int d, int q)
        scanf("%d%d%d%d", &p, &n, &d, &q);
        pennies += p;
        nickels += n;
        dimes += d;
        quarters += q;	
    int remove(int p, int n, int d, int q)
        scanf("%d%d%d%d", &p, &n, &d, &q);
        pennies -= p;
        nickels -= n;
        dimes -= d;
        quarters -= q;
    float dollars()
    	x = pennies + 5*nickels + 10*dimes + 25*quarters;
        x = (float)x/100;
    void display()
    	printf("%d quarters + %d dimes + %d nickels + %d pennies = $%.2f \n", quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, x);
    int main(void)
    return 0;

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