Thread: Stop/pause program after asking for input

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    Stop/pause program after asking for input

    Hello, I just started learning C using the guide on this page and I found a little problem I haven't been able to fix by myself.

    On some examples used on the guide, the program ask for an input and should give you a printf in return. However, after you enter the input, it will finish the program without giving you time to see the answer. What do I use to make it stop/pause in order to be able to read the answer?

    An example of this is:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
        int this_is_a_number;
        printf( "Please enter a number: " );
        scanf( "%d", &this_is_a_number );
        printf( "You entered %d", this_is_a_number );
        return 0;

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    If you enter, say, 4,then press 'enter', the input buffer contains:

    The newline remains in the buffer, and is devoured by your "getchar()", leading it to seem like it was skipped.
    To verify this, put a second "getchar()" after the first one and see if the window remains open.

    FAQ > Stop my Windows Console from disappearing everytime I run my program? -

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