Thread: doubt in printf

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    doubt in printf

    int main()
    int a = 10;
    printf("val = %lu",(unsigned long int*) a);
    return 0;
    still the output is 10.... why? Though I am casting a to a pointer, how did it print??.... If I print only a, also results 10, pointer to a also results 10

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    What you are doing results in undefined behaviour since the type of the argument is not correct. Therefore, the answer is: it printed like that because it was implemented to print that way. Something else could have been printed, or your compiler might even have refused to compile that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karthik537 View Post
    printf("val = %lu",(unsigned long int*) a);
    If I print only a, also results 10, pointer to a also results 10
    The above code (i.e. (unsigned long int*)a) does not make a pointer to a. The "(unsigned long int *)" is a cast - it converts the literal value you've given it into the type you say, so in this case it creates a pointer with value 10 (i.e. dereferencing the pointer would be an attempt to address byte number 10 on your system).

    If you want a pointer to a, use "&a", which will have the type "int *" - I suggest you use "%p" as your format specifier in this case, i.e.:

    printf("val = %p", &a);
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