Thread: Facing a .dll issue.

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    Facing a .dll issue.

    Hi guys. Recently I created a program which use the functions from an external .dll file.
    But when I execute the .exe file after removing the .dll from the folder then it ends up with an error the DLL IS MISSING. Obviously because it uses the functions from the .dll file. But i want my program to run independently means without carrying the .dll with the .exe all the time.
    Is there any way to fix this.??

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    Link the application against a static version of the library. The details of how to do this vary by compiler and OS, so we'll need more information to help you.

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    It depends:
    If you have or can get all the code that makes up the dll, then yes, you just compile the code as a static library and link to that.
    If the dll comes with both a static library and an import library, yes, again just link to the static library.
    If all you have is the dll and one or no library files, no.

    Darn: I do believe I've been ninja'd. I thought the board software told you if someone posted while you were writing? Oh well.

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