Thread: Simple output/input program not working?

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    Simple output/input program not working?

    Basically the program intakes two numbers and subtracts them. The reimbursement($) would then be multiplied by .35

    (Standard stuff)

    double OD1
    double OD2

    printf("Enter beginning odometer reading")

    scanf("%lf", &OD1)

    printf("Enter ending odometer reading")

    scanf("%lf", &OD2)

    double diff= OD2-OD1;
    double reimbursement= rate*diff

    print("You traveled %lf amount of miles At $.35 per mile, your reimbursement is %lf",diff,reimbursement)

    The program works if i enter whole numbers/integers. But as soon as i put in a decimal it crashes and it doesn't work.

    Why is that? I have doubles declared. I have %lf in the scanf function..

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    I don't see where you declared "rate". Can you post your actual code?

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    Can you post your code here?

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    Don't type your program into the post and don't pick and choose which parts to show.

    Instead, copy and paste all of your actual code and remember to put it in code tags.

    Also, for the printf (not print!), you should just use %f, not %lf (although you DO have to use %lf in the scanf to read a double, as you're doing).
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