Thread: scanf doubt

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    scanf doubt


    what does it mean?

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    I don't think it does what the programmer intended. I suspect it was supposed to be something like
     scanf("%31[^\r\n]%*[\t\n\v\f\r ]", rule[i])
    assuming rule[i] has space for at least 32 chars (31 plus the trailing '\0').

    scanf("%s[^\n]%*c", rule[i]) means:
       %s         Read a string up to the next whitespace, hoping that the buffer is long enough
       [^\n] Expect [ followed by a ^ followed by any amount of whitespace, including none, then ]
       %*c       Consume one character of input, but don't save it anywhere

    On the other hand, scanf("%31[^\r\n]%*[\t\n\v\f\r ]", string) means:
       %31[^\r\n]            Read up to 31 characters (not newlines, CR or LF)
       %*[\t\n\v\f\r ] Read all newlines and whitespace characters, but don't store them

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