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    I don't suppose you've read the manual page for scanf in all your fumbling around.

    man page scanf section 3

    These functions return the number of input items assigned. This can be
    fewer than provided for, or even zero, in the event of a matching fail-
    ure. Zero indicates that, although there was input available, no conver-
    sions were assigned; typically this is due to an invalid input character,
    such as an alphabetic character for a `%d' conversion. The value EOF is
    returned if an input failure occurs before any conversion such as an end-
    of-file occurs. If an error or end-of-file occurs after conversion has
    begun, the number of conversions which were successfully completed is
    So, begin with
    int result = scanf("%d",&matrix[c][d]);
    printf("scanf returned %d\n", result );

    And observe what you get when you
    - type in a number
    - type in a letter
    - type in your platform specific key sequence (ctrl-d or ctrl-z) to signal EOF
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    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here
    i finished my project and honestly i would've bin lost without u guys
    thank you for taking out the time to help me

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