Thread: Printing just even numbers from user input values.

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    Printing just even numbers from user input values.

    I have one last problem, the catch here is to not use arrays:

    Here's the problem:

    Write a C program to prompt the user to enter five random integers from the keyboard and print only the even numbers. Also print the sum of the even numbers. The integers may be positive or negative.

    My attempt:
    int main();
    int a,b,c,d,e;
    if (a%2==0)
    I'm lost from this point and just need some hints/help on what to do to store values that are even and display them in a loop, then add them.
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    Well, you can use the command "for" to test the five numbers. but if you want to go one by one, you just need to write a printf("%d", a);, and then u check next number, and if he is even, you printf him too, and about the sum, you can use some variable to be incremented whenever the number is even. (just remember to initialize it)

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    It sure doesn't look like you're lost. I mean, you have the odd/even test figured out, and I'm guessing, based on your other threads, that you know how to print strings and numbers, and how to do basic math. The values are stored in the variables you read into with scanf.

    Given that your other thread from today was for an exam, I'm hesitant to give too much help, since this might also be an exam question. Perhaps you could give it a little more effort on your own, and post your best attempt, and tell us more specifically what parts of odd/even testing, summation or printing you are having trouble with.

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    Sure sounds good.

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    I'd be thinking to use 'for' and then 'continue' for odd numbers
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