Thread: Basic "Craps Game" Help

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    Basic "Craps Game" Help

    I have some code written for a basic craps game. My instructor has provided me with all the necessary function headers and I have already written body's for all of them. The code however is not functioning and i'm looking for some quick help before its due in less than 4 hours. Im sure someone of higher knowledge could figure it out really easy. If you are willing to look at what I have and help me out, I will paypal you $10. Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum, Matt!

    We don't work that way. This is a programming forum, and it's largely all public. The help is free, but we'd need to see the part of the code you're having trouble with, at least, and any compiler errors or warnings, etc.

    The more specific your problem is described, the more quickly we can narrow down the problem, generally.

    Can you post it, using code tags around it?

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    It's OK, they've probably scored elsewhere.
    Basic "Craps Game" Help - Dev Shed
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