Thread: How to decrease a time string by a given value

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    How to decrease a time string by a given value


    I have a string containing a time in format: "yyyy-mm-dd:HH:MM:SS"

    I have to decrease this time value by a 3-digit hour value or 3-digit day value.

    What could be the best of doing it? Only way I can think of is:
    1) convert the string's time into seconds
    2) convert the specified value into seconds
    3) subtract them
    4) convert the result back to a string.

    Is there a better/more efficient way of doing it???

    - Ruchikar.
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    Why not get the time, store its values as integers or something so you can do the manipluation, then convert them to a string by using itoa or something for display?
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    Read up on the mktime function

    You can say things like
    tm.tm_day += 3;

    Then use mktime to normalise the time back into the correct ranges.

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    Or you could create a struct and write functions to manipulate with it.


    Something like this perhaps.

    struct TimeStruct
        int yyyy;
        int mm;
        int dd;
        int hh;
        int mm;
        int ss;

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