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    separating numbers

    Im working on a program that will take a routing number from a check (8digits)and determine the checks number (9th digit). I got that far and was able to separate the digits
    doing this: printf("Enter first eight digits of RTN: "); scanf("%1d%1d%1d%1d%1d%1d%1d%1d",&n1,&n2,&n3,&n4,& n5,&n6,&n7,&n8);
    but now i have to determine, for instance, the location or reserve bank. How can i get the 1st 2 digits, say 123456789, so 1 and 2, to be 12, not 1+2 =3?

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    Make the number. You want base 10, so for a two digit number:

    num1 = number 1 * 10,
    num2 = number 2 * 1 (you can skip this, but I wanted to be complete)

    and then add num1 + num2.

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