Thread: saveing the charecters

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    saveing the charecters

    hi guys
    as you know this code saves the sentences that i type
    after compile it just saves the sentences that have been typed in DOS.

    is there any way to save the sentences that do not type in dos?
    because i want use this code as a keylogger

    #include <stdio.h>
     #include <conio.h>
     int main ()
     FILE *txt;
     char ch [100];
     printf ("Enter your sentencE: ");
     txt = fopen ("C:\\Users\\4N\\Desktop\\dev\\a.txt", "w");
     gets (ch);
     fprintf (txt, "%s", ch);
     getch ();
     return 0;
    tnx all and sry my english is not good :X

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