Thread: Capturing file stat information

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    Capturing file stat information

    I am trying to complete a uni assignment - which is to capture the stat information of a file, save the stat info to a file - and then later retreive the information and compare it the the current stat info - to see if there have been any changes to the original file stat info.

    So far I have the following:

    #include <sys/type.h>
    #include <sys/stat.h>
    #include <stdio.h>

    struct stat file_info;
    FILE *fp;

    fp = fopen("myfile", "w");

    stat("testfile", &file_info);
    fprintf(fp, %d\n", file_info);


    I think there are problems with the fprintf statement - I am not sure about the %d (as I guess the info is not all integers) - but an not sure what to put there in order to capture the entire stat information into myfile.

    I would appreciate any help...

    Many thanks

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    Depends if you want to be able to read the data file with a text editor when you're done

    If you want to read it, do this
    fprintf(fp, "%d\n", file_info.st_size);
    fprintf(fp, "%d\n", file_info.st_mode);
    // etc, for all the members of the structure

    Or if you just want to save the raw info, try
    fp = fopen("myfile", "wb"); // "b" for binary
    fwrite( &file_info, sizeof(file_info), 1, fp );

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    More on stat

    Thanks Salem,

    I would like to save the info as binary - and then later read the file - and display the contents to screen - just to verify I have picked up something at all!

    I have tried to use fread(&file_info, sizeof(file_info),1,fp) to read my captured info - but the compiler advises that it doesn't know the size of file_info - can anyone suggest how I would determine this - without hard coding the size?


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    Try using sizeof(struct stat). This should work.

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