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    Directory contents in C....

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to return all the file names of a specified directory into an array. I just wanna write up a simple copy program, but I need the file names of the files in the dir....I'm using C....If anyOne can Help, I'd appreciate it...

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    well if you are using visual C++ then this is the function you want

    long _findfirst( char *filespec, struct _finddata_t *fileinfo );

    Provides information about the first instance of a filename that matches the file specified in the filespec argument.

    for the filespec parameter you can pass it "*.*" to find files. Read up on microcraps documentaion on it and you will figure it all out.
    also as a side will have to set up a loop kinda like this...
    long FileHandle = 0;
    _finddata_t FileData;   //Structure to stores file data.
    /* Not sure what is in FileData right now. all I know is that it
        doesn't contain the data I want. */
    FileHandle = _findfirst("*.*",&FileData);  
    if(FileHandle != -1)
        int Result = 0,
        FileCount = 0;  
        /* Same with this one.
        Result = _findnext(FileHandle,&FileData);     
        /* This Filedata has the first file in the Directory now.  
        Result = _findnext(FileHandle,&FileData);
        while(Result == 0)
             /* Do other stuff*/
             /* Get next file. If no more files, result == -1 */
             Result = _findnext(FileHandle,&FileData);
    Hope this helps ya somewhat. If all else fails check mocrocraps help documents or borlands depending on your compiler.
    Dohojar Moajbuj
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    If you are using DOS i suggest you take a look at the program FileLister at AcmeSofties
    in the disc and file section.

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    Take a look at the program FileLister in the Disc anf File section of AcmeSofties

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    thanks guys, I'm sure one of those will work, I just have to sit down and apply it.....gotta go to work now!

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