Thread: Conceptual Question, what does, "Endpoint Register" mean?

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    Conceptual Question, what does, "Endpoint Register" mean?

    See the link below, page 12 for reference to my question. Below is the text where my question came from. I am working on a STM32F1 Micro, getting the USB up and running. JUST started this part of the project and have never done anything like this before. I did not find anything on this subject by searching on google, does anybody know what it means?

    Endpoint register functions
    All operations with endpoint registers can be obtained with the SetENDPOINT and
    GetENDPOINT functions. However, many functions are derived from these to offer the
    advantage of a direct action on a specific field.
    a) Endpoint set/get value
    SetENDPOINT : void SetENDPOINT(uint8_t bEpNum,uint16_t wRegValue)
    bEpNum = Endpoint number, wRegValue = Value to write
    GetENDPOINT : uint16_t GetENDPOINT(uint8_t bEpNum)
    bEpNum = Endpoint number
    return value: the endpoint register value
    b) Endpoint TYPE field
    The EP_TYPE field of the endpoint register can assume the defined values below:
    #define EP_BULK (0x0000) // Endpoint BULK
    #define EP_CONTROL (0x0200) // Endpoint CONTROL
    #define EP_ISOCHRNOUS (0x0400) // Endpoint ISOCHRONOUS
    #define EP_INTERRUPT (0x0600) // Endpoint INTERRUPT
    SetEPType : void SetEPType (uint8_t bEpNum, uint16_t wtype)
    bEpNum = Endpoint number, wtype = Endpoint type (value from the
    above define’s)
    GetEPType : uint16_t GetEPType (uint8_t bEpNum)
    bEpNum = Endpoint number
    return value: a value from the above define’s

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    It's a register (a storage place for a single value inside a processor itself NOT in normal RAM) that's present in a USB endpoint.

    Basically, it's saying that you can modify the bits of the register to turn on/off certain things related to the USB endpoint.

    "Endpoint register" = "register associated with the endpoint".

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