Thread: Linking to a DLL (on MingW)

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    Linking to a DLL (on MingW)


    How does one go about linking to a DLL (using MingW)

    I tried google-ing this, can't make head or tails of the results.

    (I'm actually trying to link to one of the Pthreads-win32 dlls)

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    Well, you link with the static library for Pthreads, which is more or less an intermediate for the corresponding DLL. If you're talking about DLL injection though, you'll have to ask in a Windows forum.
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    My query is more on using the Pthreads DLL (but not specific to this). Do I need any special flags when linking/using my code with a dynamic library. (perhaps linking is not the correct word here)

    Linking to a static library is simple enough, but how do i go about using a dynamic library.

    It's not really DLL injection - which is more of an info-sec attack

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