Thread: Extracting series of hexadecimal values from buffer

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    Extracting series of hexadecimal values from buffer

    Hello All,

    I am programming a microcontroller, it get s data from a serial cable 1 byte at a time. It has been programmed to write each received byte to the buffer.

    I have functions to write or read a byte from the buffer.

    I have the buffer filled with data of about 102 bytes. how can I extract from the 70th byte up to the 82nd byte? the value I need is 12 bytes in total but it starts from the 70th byte?

    I will appreciate any help with this task.

    below is a sample of the code that removes a byte from the buffer

    /***        Macro Definitions                                             ***/
    #define CIRCBUFF_PTR_MASK   0x03FFU
    #define MAX_CIRCBUFF_SIZE   1024
    #define NBR_QUEUES          2
    typedef struct
        uint16 u16Head;
        uint16 u16Tail;
        uint8  u8Buff[MAX_CIRCBUFF_SIZE];
    } tsCircBuff;
    typedef enum {RX_QUEUE = 0, TX_QUEUE } eQueueRef;
    PRIVATE tsCircBuff sRxQueue, sTxQueue;
    PRIVATE const tsCircBuff *apsQueueList[NBR_QUEUES] = { &sRxQueue, &sTxQueue };
    PUBLIC uint8 u8SerialQ_RemoveItem(eQueueRef eQueue)
        uint8 u8Item = 0;
        tsCircBuff *psQueue;
        psQueue = (tsCircBuff *)apsQueueList[eQueue]; /* Set pointer to the requested queue */
        if (psQueue->u16Tail != psQueue->u16Head)
            /* Data available on queue so remove a single item */
            u8Item = psQueue->u8Buff[psQueue->u16Tail];
            psQueue->u16Tail = (psQueue->u16Tail + 1) & CIRCBUFF_PTR_MASK;

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    > I have the buffer filled with data of about 102 bytes. how can I extract from the 70th byte up to the 82nd byte?
    How important are the first 70 bytes? Do you need them for something else?

    Start with
    uint8 frame[102];
    for ( i = 0 ; i < 102 ; i++ ) frame[i] = u8SerialQ_RemoveItem(q);

    Then you can do
    for ( i = 70 ; i < 82 ; i++ ) // do thing with frame[i]
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    If you have access to <string.h> you can use memcpy

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