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    Quick Question

    Hi There,

    I have a 16 bit number which is a reading from a register, i want to break it down so

    bit 8 =ee8
    bit7 = ee7
    bit6 = ee6


    so can later in code simple go if(ee8 = 1) ........

    whats the easiest way to asign the variables names to the specific bits in the orginal 1bit number


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    You can't directly address a single bit in C (or most hardware for that matter).

    If you feel you must have this sugar, either write a macro or use a "bit field".


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    Or use a function to extract the relevant bit. To implement that function, look up bitwise operators.

    I wouldn't use a bit field, as the layout of bit fields is implementation defined. Although that may be a moot point, as the location of particular registers is also well outside what the standard specifies.
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