Thread: Problem with array of strings !!

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    Problem with array of strings !!


    Please excuse me for asking such a trivial question. I am very new to C programming and it would be very helpful if someone answers my question.

    Here is my program ...

    #define MAX_TOKENS 10
    int main(int argc, char **argv){
        int datatype, counter;
        int index = 0;
        char *my_argv[MAX_TOKENS];
        while((datatype = yylex()) != 6)
            printf("\nData :%s",yytext);
            printf("\nData type :%d\n",datatype);
            my_argv[index++] = yytext;
    Here yytext is of type char*. I store it in my_argv[]. Consider yytex returns "abc" and then "def". I should be getting the output as


    but instead I get

    abc def

    Can anyone explain me this !!

    Thanks in advance.

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    The offending line is
        my_argv[index++] = yytext;
    which simply copies a pointer.

    Copying pointers does not copy what they point at.

    1) ensure there is a buffer to be copied to.
    2) copy the required string to that buffer.

    You have completed neither of those steps. A simple way to achieve the first is to make my_argv into a 2-dimensional array (aka an array of arrays), rather than an array of pointers. To copy a string (step 2) look up the function strcpy().

    Also, never .... repeat never .... #include a .c file from another .c file. Simply compile the files separately, and link the objects together.

    Also, the offending line has two side effects (sets a value to my_argv[index] and then increment index). Unless you know exactly what you are doing - and, by your question, you don't - always make each statement have exactly one side effect.
        my_argv[index] = yytext;
    (note you still need to fix the first line with this adjustment).
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