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    bisection method

    Hey guys I have to write a program that calculates the angle of a projectile motion using speed, initial height, and distance.

    The angle must be within the range of-

    arctan(speed^2/gravitational_acceleration*distance)<or equal to angle<or equal to 90 degrees.

    The hint was to use the bisection method however I am very confused to as how that would work. Please just give me a starter on this, any help would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the C forum, babibabi!

    Google and do a quick read on "calculate the angle of a projectile using speed", and "bisection method".

    That might get you to a starting point. We don't "get you started", as a rule. We help you with your C program after *you* get it started, and post it, stating your problem specifically.

    Once you get the general understanding of it worked out, the C code for it doesn't appear difficult. Whenever you need to calculate a "range" of something, you should expect a large loop around the inner calculations.

    Just a tip: it's a real rookie mistake on the forum, to wait for someone to post an answer your query. Forge on with your work, in parallel to any help you might receive from the forum.

    Also, forum cross posters, are noticed quickly, and generally ignored as time-wasters, by us. I wouldn't cross post, for that reason. You're on the right forum for C help.

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