Thread: C/C++ Date manipulation code

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    Question C/C++ Date manipulation code

    Hello C/C++ gurus,
    I am kind of new and wanted to find out if anyone has some code samples where they are manipulating dates - what I want to accomplish is do a lot of date comparisons, and then using logic to decide a distinct path of execution. So if anyone has any code where he/she has done extensive date manipulation/comparison, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

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    Probably the most portable call is the time() function which returns the number of seconds, (usually), that have passed since, (usually) 01/01/1970. This is, (usually), returned in some form of integer, so comparison can be easily done, as can arithmetic.

    Most OS's offer much more, but you don't state what you are using.
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    Date Manipulation in C code

    I am working on a UNIX (Solaris) env using C. Are there any date management functions that could help me to manipulate dates and include logic that would do different things depending on the date comparisons.

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    All ANSI C data management functions in your book should be available on UNIX. If you don't have a book, there are references online.

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