Thread: What problem have I created using a char array in fopen?

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    Question What problem have I created using a char array in fopen?

    I'm not sure how to interpret function syntax. I am using Borland
    C++ IDE version 4.52 to create C code.

    The Syntax for fopen is:

    FILE *fopen(const char *filename, const char *mode);

    But I am using a char array for my file name. It isn't a constant but is created form other char arrays. The code seems to work fine but what problem have I created using a char array in fopen instead of a constant? Excerpts from my code are:

    void DownloadAFile(char *strDirectory,char *strFileName,char *strRxBlock, int intOffset)
         char strFullFileName[121];
         Other code
         //Create FullFileName
         strFullFileName[0] = '\0';
         strcat(strFullFileName, strDirectory);
         strcat(strFullFileName, strFileName);
         Other code
         TxtDLFilePtr = fopen(strFullFileName, "rt");
         Other code

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    This is fine. In this context, the array of char is converted to a pointer to its first element. Passing a pointer to char as an argument for a parameter that is pointer to const char is okay because it just means that the function promises not to modify the object/array through the pointer, but the array could be modified to begin with, so there is no problem.
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    > FILE *fopen(const char *filename, const char *mode);
    The const in this context doesn't mean you have to provide a pointer to a const string.
    It means that fopen itself is promising NOT to modify the parameter passed in.

    So given
    TxtDLFilePtr = fopen(strFullFileName, "rt");
    you can be sure that strFullFileName still contains what you initially set it to contain.

    Say for example, later on doing something like
    fprintf(stderr, "Syntax error in file %s\n", strFullFileName );
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    Thank you both. This clears things up for me a bit.

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