Thread: Error Linking with IUP toolkit

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    Error Linking with IUP toolkit


    Been trying to compile a simple C program using the open source IUP toolkit provided by Tecgraf (makers of Lua). Keep getting the error below:

    Based on the documentation the following libraries are dependancies:
    iupwin* -> gdi32 user32 comdlg32 comctl32 ole32 (system - Windows)
    button.o is a sample program provided in the IUP distribution

    gcc -L C:\dev\IUP\libs -o main.exe button.o libiup.a libiupcd.a libiupim.a -lgdi32 -luser32 -lcomdlg32 -lcomctl32 -lole32
    libiup.a(iupwin_dragdrop.o):iupwin_dragdrop.c:(.text+0x229): undefined reference to `IID_IUnknown'
    libiup.a(iupwin_dragdrop.o):iupwin_dragdrop.c:(.text+0x245): undefined reference to `IID_IDropTarget'
    libiup.a(iupwin_dragdrop.o):iupwin_dragdrop.c:(.text+0x2a1): undefined reference to `IID_IUnknown'
    libiup.a(iupwin_dragdrop.o):iupwin_dragdrop.c:(.text+0x2bd): undefined reference to `IID_IDropSource'
    libiup.a(iupwin_dragdrop.o):iupwin_dragdrop.c:(.text+0x319): undefined reference to `IID_IUnknown'
    libiup.a(iupwin_dragdrop.o):iupwin_dragdrop.c:(.text+0x335): undefined reference to `IID_IEnumFORMATETC'
    libiup.a(iupwin_dragdrop.o):iupwin_dragdrop.c:(.text+0x391): undefined reference to `IID_IUnknown'
    libiup.a(iupwin_dragdrop.o):iupwin_dragdrop.c:(.text+0x3ad): undefined reference to `IID_IDataObject'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [main.exe] Error 1
    Can anyone see the issue here...

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    Put the libraries in your library path and then just -liup etc.

    And check that they are in fact linkable libraries with those functions exported.

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    - The best debugging tool in the world is a bunch of printf()'s for everything important around the bits you think might be wrong.

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    Or you could just add -luuid after -lole32

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