Thread: Problems with creating a pointer to struct at a specific address

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    Using a bit of conditional compilation to isolate the machine dependencies should enable you to get a lot of testing done on the host.
    #include <stdio.h>
    typedef struct FOO_tag{
        int     PER;
        int     PDR;
        int     PSR;
    } FOO;  /* don't typedef pointer types *pointerFOO; */
    #if defined TARGET
    #define INIT_ADR ((FOO*)0x12345678)
    FOO *getMyFoo ( void ) {
        FOO *result = INIT_ADR;
        return result;
    #elif defined HOST
    FOO *getMyFoo ( void ) {
        static FOO test = {
            1, 2, 3 /* useful data */
        return &test;
    #error neither HOST or TARGET specified
    int main ( ) {
        FOO *p = getMyFoo();
        printf("PER=%d\n", p->PER );
        return 0;

    $ gcc -DHOST foo.c
    $ ./a.out
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    That is actually a very nice and useful solution, thank you Salem

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