Thread: Numeric data type conversion in from CT-Lib to ODBC

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    Numeric data type conversion in from CT-Lib to ODBC

    I am working on migration project. C application having ODBC layer to access SQL server.
    My application get data from SQL server to ODBC data type and then convert ODBC data type to CT-library data type. This way I only need to change data access layer to achive migration from Sybase to Sql Server
    In Conversion from ODBC to CT-Library types, I am getting error in Numeric type. The numeric type defination is as follow:
    ODBC defination
    #define SQL_MAX_NUMERIC_LEN		16typedef struct tagSQL_NUMERIC_STRUCT{	SQLCHAR		precision;	SQLSCHAR	scale;	SQLCHAR		sign;	/* 1 if positive, 0 if negative */	SQLCHAR		val[SQL_MAX_NUMERIC_LEN];} SQL_NUMERIC_STRUCT;
    Sybase CT-Lib defination:

    typedef struct _cs_numeric{	CS_BYTE		precision;	CS_BYTE		scale;	CS_BYTE		array[CS_MAX_NUMLEN];} CS_NUMERIC;

    I am trying to convert each variable of struct but conversion is unsuccessful.

    how can I convert value from SQL_NUMERIC_STRUCT to CS_NUMERIC type?

    I am able to get value from MS SQl server succesesfully in long format. Can I assign this value to "array" field in CS_NUMERIC struct?

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    Can you post your conversion code?
    Why is it "unsuccessful"?
    the structure definitions look close enough to allow a conversion without too much problem I guess.

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