Thread: iphone dev in windows?

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    iphone dev in windows?

    I came across dragonfiresdk the other day, and it looks like a pretty good option to make iphone apps on my pc since it supports c/c++, a language I know. Has anyone used this? or can someone take a look at it? I'm probably gonna buy it, but wanted some feedback first.


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    On 2/7, you were still looking for help (with the same text)
    Dragonfiresdk to make iphone apps?

    On 28/6, you were already using it
    Looking for good API to create iPhone apps on Windows

    There's another half-dozen or so forums with basically the same post on as well.

    I'm guessing message repost troll, or keyword spammer.
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    Those aren't my posts, thanks for the links tho, it's good to know people are using it. That's what I wanted to know. Further feedback is still appreciated


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