Thread: Having a problem with strtoull.

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    Having a problem with strtoull.

    I have the following code segment I am testing for an encryption program I am to wirte. Namely the blowfish algorithm. I am to input from the command line up to a 64 bit hex number and convert it to a base ten number. I am using the code segment on a Dell 64 bit server with ubuntu server 64 installed using gcc from the command line. What seems to be happening is it is only converting the first 32 bits. Here is what I am inputing:
    and this is what my output is:
    Here is my code segment:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main(void)
        char buffer[64];
        unsigned long long ul;
        printf("Enter an unsigned number: ");
        fgets(buffer, 64, stdin);
        ul = strtoull (buffer, NULL, 16);
        printf("Output: %llu\n", ul);
        return 0;
    What am I doing incorrect here and what can be done to correct it.
    Thanks in advance!

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    That is way more than 64 bits. At a guess, that's intended for a 1024 bit number.

    That's also known as "2^64-1" or "the maximum value of 64 bit `unsigned long long'".

    I suggest you read the documentation for `strtoull' and download a "bignum" library.


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    Each character is 4 bits, so your example is a 224-bit number, not a 64-bit number.
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    Awe crap! Thanks guys, wasn't even thinking. Been a long day. Need to walk away for a while.

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    If you want to use explicit integer sizes, you'd better use stdint.h. For example:
    #include <stdint.h>
    /* Parse a 64-bit unsigned hexadecimal number.
     * Returns the pointer to the first unparsed character,
     * or NULL if an error occurs.
    const char *parse_hex64(const char *hex, uint64_t *const resultptr, int *const parsedbits)
        uint64_t result = 0;
        int n = 0;
        if (!hex)
            return NULL;
        /* Skip leading whitespace and ASCII control characters. */
        while ((*hex >= 1 && *hex <= 32) || (*hex == 127))
        /* Skip common 0x or 0X prefix. */
        if (hex[0] == '0')
            if (hex[1] == 'x' || hex[1] == 'X')
                hex += 2;
        /* Parse up to 16 hexadecimal digits */
        while (n < 16)
            if (hex[n] >= '0' && hex[n] <= '9')
                result = (result * (uint64_t)16) + (uint64_t)(hex[n++] - '0');
            if (hex[n] >= 'A' && hex[n] <= 'F')
                result = (result * (uint64_t)16) + (uint64_t)(hex[n++] - 'A' + 10);
            if (hex[n] >= 'a' && hex[n] <= 'f')
                result = (result * (uint64_t)16) + (uint64_t)(hex[n++] - 'A' + 10);
        /* No digits at all? */
        if (n < 1) {
            if (resultptr) *resultptr = 0;
            if (parsedbits) *parsedbits = 0;
            return NULL;
        if (resultptr)
            *resultptr = result;
        if (parsedbits)
            *parsedbits = 4 * n;
        /* hex+n is the first unparsed character. */
        return hex + n;
    You can use the above function to read hexadecimal data in 64-bit units. If the last parameter is not NULL, the number of bits actually parsed is saved at the integer it points to. Feel free to adapt it to your needs.

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