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    In the future, remember an array name is the address of the array; so no need most of the time to put an address operator (&) in front of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YouMe View Post
    I'm not understand, can you show where is it to correct it?..i mean an example
    If you declare a variable like
    int x;
    the compiler just allocates enough memory to store a value of this type, but it doesn't clear the memory. So whatever value is stored at this memory location is still there (probably just garbage).

    int x = 0;
    initializes the variable x to 0 and then you can be sure that this value stays there as long as you don't change it.

    The problem in your code is that
    if(list[i].name != NULL)
    compares the pointer "list[i].name" to the pointer "NULL" and the result is always true because all elements of list have a valid memory address and thus they are unequal to NULL. What you want is to compare the value the pointer "list[i].name" points to to a value which denotes an empty string (usually '\0' as the only character in the string). But you have to initialize your list-array to be able to do this.

    I also suggest reading a tutorial about pointers, arrays and strings.

    Bye, Andreas

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