Thread: Provide link for ebook..Programming in ANSI C, Forth Edition, E Balagurusamy, TMH

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    Question Provide link for ebook..Programming in ANSI C, Forth Edition, E Balagurusamy, TMH

    Can anyone provide me ebook, pdf for following book as early as possible ...Programming in ANSI C, forth edition E Balagurusmy TMH Thankss a lot in advance

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    If it's still a copyrighted book, then I very much doubt it.
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    Just looked, it's available on Google Books.

    I would go for a better and more recent book though; just by flipping to a random page I found this gem:
    The main is a part of every C program. C permits different forms of main state ment. Following forms are allowed.
    - main()
    - int main()
    - void main()
    - main(void)
    - void main(void)
    - int main(void)
    Which is virtually recommending five incorrect/deprecated styles while completely ignoring any forms of main with arguments.

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    I'm kind of surprised this wasn't hit with a ban.


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