Thread: C program to shutdown or turn off computer for windows xp

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    Question C program to shutdown or turn off computer for windows xp

    I'm new in programming world and facing a problem..when i compile the given code in "turbo c++ 4.5" its gives an error like this.."undefine symbol_system in module NOAME00.CPP"...need help to correct this.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
        char ch;
        printf("Do you want to shutdown your computer now (y/n)\n");
        if (ch == 'y' || ch == 'Y')
            system("C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\shutdown -s");
        return 0;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakesh o_O View Post
    [B]when i compile the given code in "turbo c++ 4.5"
    I found your problem. Get a real C compiler, not "Turbo" anything. The "system" function has been standard since C89 at least.

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    "system" has worked since Turbo C 1.01, so the above is incorrect.

    You are compiling your program with a cpp filename extension. That means you're really creating a C++ program, not a C program. For a C program, change your file extensions to dot c, instead.

    Check your compiler and see what header you need to include, for "system". With Turbo C 1.01, I had to add the TC and TC/BIN directories, into the path for XP (check your windows help for how to change your environmental variables (one of them is the PATH string).

    Unless you have to use Turbo C or C++, I would DEFINITELY move over to one of the free good and modern compilers (MS, Pelles C, gcc, etc.). Believe me, the difference is like night and day (at least it was for me since I was a die-hard TC 1.01 user). You'll wonder why you didn't change over earlier, even though there is a learning curve to get over.
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    Questions of compiler aside, if you can use the WIN32 API, the ExitWindowsEx() function is a better choice than a system() call.

    I'm not sure, given the age, whether Turbo C++ 4.5 allows usage of the win32 API, but more recent and freely available compilers certainly do.
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