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    Unhappy Read tab delimited file with selected output


    I'm new to C programming. I have a question and I'm stuck for weeks. I have a file (example: abc.txt) with the following values, tab delimited:

    a1 \t b4 \t c5 \t 1
    a5 \t b1 \t c3 \t 1
    a6 \t b2 \t c4 \t 1
    a2 \t b3 \t c7 \t 2
    a1 \t b4 \t c5 \t 2
    a5 \t b1 \t c3 \t 2
    a6 \t b2 \t c4 \t 3
    a2 \t b3 \t c7 \t 3
    a2 \t b3 \t c7 \t 3
    And I want only the selected column 4 with the number 2 data to pull out to a new file lets say def.txt, and the data will look like this:

    a2 \t 2
    a1 \t 2
    a5 \t 2
    How can I achieve doing that? I'm using C, my head is like gonna explode looking at it. Here's my code:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main(void)
       static const char filename[] = "abc.txt";
       FILE *file = fopen(filename, "r");
       if ( file != NULL )
          char line[BUFSIZ];
    	  char col1[BUFSIZ], col2[BUFSIZ], col3[BUFSIZE];
    	  int col4[BUFSIZ];
          while ( fgets(line, sizeof line, file) != NULL )
             if ( sscanf(line, "%s %s %s %s", col1, col2, col3, &col4) == 4 )
    			   if (col4 == 2)
    			     printf("%s\t%s\n", col1, col4);
       return 0;
    I haven't write the write on new file part, still stuck on sorting out the data part. Need advice and thank you in advance!

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    So is there a problem with your code? Does this code compile without errors or warnings? If not post the entire error/warning messages, exactly as they appear in your development environment.


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    scanf with a %s will consume both the alpha character and the number. your scanf needs to be more granular. and col4 doesn't need to be an array if it is a single number
    int main()
            const char *s = "a1\tb2\tc3\td4";
            char a;
            char b;
            char c;
            char d;
            int  i;
            int  j;
            int  k;
            int  l;
            sscanf(s,"%c%d %c%d %c%d %c%d",&a,&i,&b,&j,&c,&k,&d,&l);
        return 0;
    this only works if you only have a single character then a number. the number can be more than 1 character long.

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